People uses their computers for browsing , office work, home  other purposes . Still there are lot things that don’t known by users . Knowing detailed info about operating system he is using will be helpful especially about Windows will improve his computing experience.

1.Finding System Install Date: Maintaining a computer is a not easy task, lot of users reinstalling windows in a two weeks time . It will be useful to know when the last time they installed  OS , which can be known with a simple command.

Start>Run>type CMD > enter systeminfo | find /i "install date"

install date

Last time when you  installed windows will be shown.

2.Printing List of programs Installed in Computer:

When you have decided to reinstall windows, it will be hard to note down names of all installed programs on a paper if there are so many.  With CCleaner we can print list of programs installed in computer.

Open CCleaner select Tools> Uninstall ,here list of all programs will be shown.

save list of programs

At the right bottom  program window click “save to text file”. All programs will be saved in a text file which you can print.(Original Post)

3.Creating Folder named Con in Windows: Since names like prn, lpt, con are treated as system names by windows, it will be not possible to create folders with those names. But it will be possible to create folders with those names through command prompt.

Start> Run>type CMD > type  >mkdir \\.\d:\con

                                               mkdir \\.\d:\lpt

                                             mkdir \\.\d:\prn  now these folders are created in D drive.

folder named con

To remove these, type rmdir \\.\d:\con etc from command prompt.

4. Finding  Windows Boot Time: Knowing how long your system takes to load windows should be useful. This can be known through  free tool called Boot timer .

Windows Bootup Time

Download Boot timer simply run it, upon  restart it will shows the boot time of windows .(original post)

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