It is important for any user to check the version of flash player installed on his computer, because using old versions of flash in browsers can cause instability, crashes and even allow an attacker to remotely run malicious code.

As you know, Flash Updates for Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge browser are available via Windows Automatic Updates. And Google ensures Flash Player is up-to-date in Chrome browser, so you don’t have to worry checking Flash Player version installed in IE, Edge and Chrome browsers unless you’ve turned off updates for them.

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Ways to check flash player plug-in installed in your browser

Method #1 : Open Start >Settings >Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features,

Select Adobe Flash Player, Flash Player Product version will be shown at the bottom.

The below methods require internet access to check flash player version.

Method #2. The Flash player about page lists latest Flash Player version for all browsers.

Method #3. Version test for Adobe Flash Player

Visit Flash Player help page and click check now button, the page displays version of Flash player along with names of your browser and Operating System.

If you’re using Chromium based Vivaldi or Opera, then you should first know how to install Flash Player in Vivaldi /Opera. After installing Flash, visit the link mentioned above to check flash Player version in Vivaldi or Opera browser. Same applies for Flash in Internet Explorer and Firefox also.

Install Flash Player for Avira Scout Browser

To check Flash Player version in Chrome, visit about:flash page.