Blogger is rolling out new features to Blogger blogs on occasion of its 1oth birthday, previous time they added share button to navbar this time its huge. They added most awaiting feature to include for Blogger “read more  “ in each post. Showing brief summary of each post will give professional look to blog.

I myself, using windows live writer for posting and for blog editing also not the default  blog editor. I some how managed to configured blog template to add “continue reading “to each of blog posts. But it is complicated process, blogger added that feature finally.

Today Blogger added read more feature which they are calling as “jump breaks”.

With jump breaks you can show summary of your post in index page, blogger will insert read more link to the full post page for continuous reading of article.


Ways to insert “read more “ into your posts

1.If you use the new post editor (available in Blogger on draft or by enabling it via settings tab) you can see insert jump break icon in the editors toolbar.

insert jump break icon

Clicking that icon will insert jump break at the cursor position.


2.If you don’t use new post editor, you can still insert a jump break in “Edit HTML” mode  by adding <!…read more ….> or

<!…more …> where you want read more to be appeared.

change text of readmore

You can edit the text of jump break to read more or continue reading or more by clicking “Layout”  and then clicking edit the “Blog posts widget”.

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