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Microsoft Internet Explorer saves the information about websites you visit, cookies of those websites in a hidden file called index.dat in Windows. Windows does not allow you to delete this index.dat file, but it can be a privacy concern to users. This file can be deleted by 2 free tools.

Index.dat Details

5 things about index.dat file user should know

1.Whenever you visit a website the information about that website, cookies, your time of visit, images and other temporary files will be stored in your hard drive for fast access of that website next time when you reopen.

2.This file will be hidden and can not be deleted by conventional methods.

3.Though user removes temporary files from settings in IE, but index.dat will not be deleted.

4.There are commercial tools on the internet to remove this file.

5. Any one having some advanced tools can see all the info in the file which can be a “privacy threat” to the user.

Index.dat Scanner, Confirm Privacy Tools Like CCleaner Actually Delete Index.dat files or Not

Removing index.dat with 2 freewares

Luckily, there are 2 free tools available one is much known CCleaner and other is privacy Mantra.

1. CCleaner: CCleaner is free optimization tool that removes the web history for all browsers, temporary files, cache, cookies and  the index.dat file. CCleaner does remove all traces of browsing history and protects your privacy. It also speeds up the computer by removing unnecessary files. It fixes the problems in registry by removing invalid entries.

index.dat files deleted by CCleaner

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2.Privacy Mantra: Privacy mantra is similar to CCleaner, removes browsing history, cookies, cache, auto form entries and index.dat file. It also removes most recently used entries in media player and documents. It protects your privacy and also increases system’s performance by removing temporary files.

delete index.dat with privacy mantra

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