As there are plenty of reasons to follow some people on twitter, there are also some reasons  to unfollow some people on twitter as well. Here are some I think to unfollow some one on twitter.

Reasons to Unfollow someone  on Twitter…

1.If the guys  who you are following may be too active to fill your timeline with too many tweets.

2. They are not that much active or they aero tweets  in twitter .

3.Their tweets are boring and not related to something you expected.

4.They are spammers.

5.They promote their own blog articles in twitter and not post any other interesting stuff.

6.They tweet too much about their personal life.

7.Too much conversations with other users .

8. Too many retweets which are neither interesting nor useful.

9.Saying too many @mentions of thanking their followers in follow Friday lists which appears hell in your timeline.

10.People will hate persons using Auto DMs to greet their followers.

11. Unfollow some professional bloggers for not  much active in twitter.

12.Promoting too much about their religion, brand and  company.

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