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No one needs to introduce Hubspot’s website grader, a free SEO tool for websites gives all information you need about page rank, inbound links, Alexa rank of a website etc. Same company, offering free tool, twitter grader to check your twitter grade  .

Before you can check your twitter grade which says about your power, authority on twitter, you need to know how twitter user’s grade is calculated.

How twitter grade is calculated

  • More Number of followers have, more the twitter grade.
  • If you a followers having high twitter grade, your grade will be high.
  • More the tweets or updates, the better the twitter grade for you.
  • There should be higher ratio of followers to following .
  • The more your tweets are retweeted or your twitter name mentioned in twitter, the better twitter grade for you.

        twitter grader

Details twitter grader Produces:

When you enter your username , twitter grader will show you the following information

  • Twitter grade , twitter rank , the number of followers you have and you are following  ,the updates you posted on twitter.
  • a Brief Bio of your account including  your joining date of twitter.
  • Tweet cloud generated on your tweets.
  • You can also enter a username and check whether he is following you or not.

link:Twitter grader

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