I already covered we can find  spammers in twitter with twitchuck,another twitter app to find spammers in your twitter stream and allows you to block them is TweetBlocker.

Tweetblocker gives grades for twitter users using their advanced filtering .The lower the grade then we can say he as a spammer based on this app .To use Tweetblocker ,you must have to login to twitter with your username and password and you have to  grant access to this app to generate spam report in your followers.

Though the worst grade it gave is  F those results seems to be false positive as you can identify Twitter users tweets  in your followers and judge them whether they are really spammers are not before you blocking them.You can also report to Tweetblocker them as spammers thus Tweetblocker updates their database with number of spammer in twitter.


Can this be reliable for twitter users having large followers as they can block group of all twitter users with Grade F as there may be false positives because there may be cases where tweetblocker generates F grade for users who are not that much active in twitter with low number of tweets and you may loose innocent followers by blocking them.

Summary:Tweetblocker is free twitter  web app which gives ranks to users and catalogs them so that twitter users can easily find spammer in their twitter stream from their dashboard.

link:Tweetblocker thanks to (RWW)

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