Twitter does show a brief info about a twitter user’s about his bio, tweets and his followers count to understand. Is that information enough for you to know much about that twitter user like how social he is, what he tweets , how much does he tweet, is he share more URLs, does he uses hashtags.

All the above questions can be answered by twitter app can tell you, the total info about a twitter user including

  • Number of tweets per day.
  • How much social he is in terms of social ratio.
  • How much he uses hashtags in his tweets in terms of hashtags ratio.
  • How much URLs share in his tweets in terms of URLs share ratio.
  • What topics he tweets about.
  • Is he a  celebrity or prominent person.
  • Is he a bot or behave like real human being.

The above all information given for a twitter user by will be useful for a twitter user to decide does he worth following this user, besides friend or follower game can he  learn any knowledge through his tweets.

Summary : will analyze twitter users tweets and produces the stats about them which will be very helpful for a follower to decide follow them or not.

Thanks to Cheth

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