AVG is the best free anti-virus program ever in my opinion, it not only removes viruses, spyware, Trojans, but  it also detects and removes USB drive viruses very efficiently. As you know how dangerous these USB drive viruses are.

As I covered how to prevent virus from a pen drive, if you are using AVG, you are protected against dangerous viruses in USB drive that will infect your computer, provided you have to configure it to remove infections automatically from removable media such as USB Drive.

If you are concerned seriously about security, you should not worry about the time taken by AVG to scan USB drive or other removable media. For USB drive, it takes approximately less than a minute to scan and remove infections automatically. But this scan will be done each time you plugged in your USB drive .

To make AVG to remove USB Drive Viruses automatically

1. Open AVG user Interface.

2.From Tools menu, select ‘advanced settings’> scans and select ‘removal device scan’, select or enable removable device scan  and make sure “automatically heal/remove infections “is checked in.

enable removable device scan_avg

removable scan

3.From now on whenever you plug-in your USB drive or removable media, the scan will be initiated by AVG and after the scan, viruses or infections are automatically healed or removed (check the screenshots below).

avg_scan finished viruses_removed_by_AVG

4. To happen scan faster, you can move the slider to “fast scan” in the “scan process priority”, it may take highest priority and resource usage but scan will be finished very quickly.

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