Thoosje Windows 7 Sidebar

Thoosje Windows 7 sidebar looks similar to official Windows 7 sidebar, works with Windows XP and Vista . This sidebar has many gadgets like windows media player, calculator gadget , various search gadgets for Google , Torrents, Clock Gadget , CPU gadget , hard drive gadget and many useful gadgets included in Thoosje Windows 7 sidebar.

Thoosje Windows 7 Sidebar for XP and Vista

Thoosje Windows 7 sidebar 1.0 features:

1.Thoosje Windows 7 sidebar designed for Windows XP and Vista Operating systems.

2. Use Gadgets to access Weather info, news updates ,traffic maps, feeds , slideshows of photo albums and lot more.

3. This sidebar takes 37% of memory from all the resources.

4.Gadgets, which are like  mini applications on the sidebar  provides easy access to lot of applications like Clock, calculator, sticky notes , calendar . System uptime gadget shows the time from which your system is running.

5.Organize gadgets, the way you want to appear on the desktop.

6.It is like accessing all information from gadgets on the sidebar.

7.Thoosje windows 7 sidebar is a freeware.

Download Thoosje Windows 7 Sidebar

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