Blogging is all about providing updates, readers subscribe to blog through RSS feed or email subscription to get latest updates to their inbox or through their feed reader.

These days every blogger providing updates to readers through RSS feed and email subscription.

View of Subscribers:

Readers subscribe to your blog to get latest happenings on topics you provide. Every reader will not be the same , recently a subscriber unsubscribed from my blog mentioning the reason as too many updates. It sometime shows the anger of the readers through unsubscribing . A blogger feels happy when more readers  subscribing to his blog but at the same, it hurts him very badly when a subscriber unsubscribes.

What Blogger has to do?

Blogger has to analyze about the

  • Posting frequency: number of posts he blogs per day.
  • Is the post readable and understandable for the reader .
  • Is he posting topics that are not interesting enough for readers .
  • Grammar mistakes are there if any, he should do proof reading for every post. 
  • Is he providing quality posts.

If he thinks he is providing quality posts with useful content to the readers it does not matter a rare unsubscribe from reader.  Generally popular tech blogs like Techcrunch, Mashable and ReadWriteWeb publish more than 5 posts per day, though there is huge difference between those blogs and smaller blogs like mine.

But blogging is blogging readers ,subscribers, updates and all these things will continue in the present world.

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