To view Video and audio content on certain websites, you need to have Adobe flash player plug-in  installed in your computer. Adobe released a security update which rates as critical about vulnerability found in Adobe flash player .

This vularability also exists in Adobe reader, which allows attacker to run malicious code in your computer . As browsers like IE , Firefox and others don’t update third party plug-ins, you need to uninstall current version of Flash player older than also called as 10.0.r32 in your computer.

To Know the version of Flash Player installed in Your Computer

1.Click Start>settings>add\remove programs,

2. Select adobe flash player 9.0 x plug-in or flash player 10.x , click “click here for support information” and you can see flash player version info.

flash palyer version info

If your computer has Flash player versions Flash Player 9.0 x or Flash Player 10.0x , adobe strongly recommends to upgrade those versions to Adobe Flash Player and Uninstall older version of flash player plug-in and install latest flash player plug-in.

Download latest adobe flash player plug-in

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