freeware PDF Unlocker

The easier way of distributing documents now a days is through MS Word and PDF. PDF became popular portable document format to send files easily to your friends through email. Now there are restrictions made for the PDF documents using the applications like Adobe Acrobat Professional which prevents us from accessing.

There are lot of free and commercial applications available to create PDF files, generally lot of people use Adobe acrobat professional to create password protected PDF documents. With these applications you have lot of options to secure the document

  • Setting the restrictions by applying password to print, copy and paste the text in the PDF document.
  • Second is setting the password to restrict unauthorized access to the document.

Accessing  restricted PDF document is not for violating copyrights, there will be legitimate cases where document owner himself forgets the password, then Freeware PDF Unlocker will be helpful.

1.Download the freeware PDF Unlocker and install it in your computer.

      PDF unlocker

2.Drag the restricted PDF document to the shortcut of PDF unlocker and the same PDF file without password restriction will be saved on the desktop.

3.This program is a freeware.

For me this program not worked in removing restrictions of PDF document in both cases, try your luck .

Download Freeware PDF unlocker

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