There will be always buzz about Gmail rather than other email services because Gmail team always tries something to add new features to Gmail,mean while Rediffmail has not only changed their home page look but they really improved lot of features of Rediffmail.

If you are Rediffmail user, you may have already observed the change ,if not just just login to rediffmail and experience the  features.


Rediffmail new features:

1.Inbox updates automatically:Inbox will be updated automatically as new mails will be shown automatically as you don’t have to refresh the page.

2.Messages grouped and shown according to date wise: All messages are grouped and shown under date wise so if you have 3 mail messages on Aug 6th those will  be shown below August 6th .

3.Email ids are auto suggested:When you have to compose message to  an email id ,you don’t need to type full email address as autosuggest feature being implemented by rediffmail from your contacts while you type.

autosuggest email ids

4.Autosaved drafts:Drafts will be saved automatically while you compose and will be cleared after you sent message.

5.Attaching multiple files made easy:You can easily attach multiple files in a queue and you can compose the message while they are attaching .

6.Delete mails quickly: click on x icon to delete mails fastly.

7.Download  all attachments at once:.You can download all attachments with a single click.

8.Set remainders with your calendar :In the old rediffmail calendar is dragged to left side which seems to be congested ,now you can set remainders in calendars.

rediffmail _calendar

9.Receive all your friends feeds on various social networks :Just click the feeds button in the logged in page of rediffmail and log onto your favorite social networks like Orkut ,Linkedin.Facebook and  Hi5.

10.Pull the emails from other services like Gmail and yahoo and also send message from those ids from rediffmail it self.


11.Less Spam:Submit spam messages to Rediffmail by clicking on report to spam which you think as spam message.

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