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Twitter is made for real conversation between you and your followers. When some one follows you, Twitter sends email alert that someone is following your tweets on twitter. It will be also useful for us to know through email alerts when some one stops following you also.

There will be always follow or un follow game on Twitter , that is When you follow someone that user may not follow you back. And the following scenarios do occur in twitter.

1.You follow some one that person will not follow you.

2.You have been followed by some one you will not follow that person.

3.You follow a twitter user and that user may follow you back and then quickly stops follows you.

4.There are some twitter users use some twitter clients to un follow automatically when some one stops following them.

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The worst scenario for any twitter user is 3rd one .

With Qwitter we can get email alerts when a follower stops following you like below

qwitter email alert


To use Qwitter

  • Just enter your twitter username and your email address in Qwitter
  • Click Go quitter go for Qwitter to track your followers.
  • You will get an email alert from qwitter when some one stops following you.

You always have the option to stop using Qwitter with the link send to you in email.

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