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Tweeting from Dos window this really sounds funny ,but now you can tweet from DOS window using a text-based twitter client called Quitter which is still in beta.Quitter is portable,so you can carry it in USB drive and tweet from it.

Features of Quitter:

  • No installation required
  • It’s a freeware also
  • No ads will be shown on quitter
  • it’s a text based twitter client

How to install quitter and configure Quitter

1.Download quitter which is of 43 KB.


2.Run it ,quitter opens a CMD window first of all quitter needs to be allowed by twitter to access you account for that quitter opens twitter website in your default  browser and you have to enter username and password to allow quitter .If you click “allow”  then a PIN will be generated you have to enter that PIN in quitter and press enter .

That’s it you successfully configured quitter and you can tweet now happily.

Now here are some dos commands to tweet,retweet,to DM, and reply to other twitter users.

Here are quitter commands

[ENTER] then [ENTER] – Read all tweets
[ENTER] then [G] – Read tweets from specific group
[ENTER] then [U] – Read tweets from specific user

[P] – Post a tweet
[R] – Reply to a tweet or direct message
[T] – Retweet a tweet or direct message
[L] – Open a tweeted link in a web browser

[D] then [R] – Direct Messages, Read
[D] then [S] – Direct Message, Send

[C] – Configuration Menu

[Q] – Quit

You need enter P to post a tweet and enter quit to exit from quitter.

tweet form dos_quitter

You can use ? for help to see all the commands.

Once you configured quitter for the first time you don’t need to go through process second time, you can start tweeting from dos window new to command prompt read

 Command Prompt Tips &Tricks

Quitter ,It’s really a funny experience where there is no graphical user interface may be difficult to adopt to it as you are already using famous twitter clients like Tweetdeck.

System requirements for Quitter

OS:Windows XP/Vista

.Net framework 2.0 minimum to be installed

Download Quitter beta

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