As all know, Mozilla stopped providing security updates to Firefox 2 . Even though there is update option enabled, they prefer not to update for latest Firefox 3 version despite using updated browser keeps users for safe and secured browsing.

Mozilla conducted a survey lead by Ken Kovash and Eric Hergenrader for Firefox 2 users whom have update option enabled and choose not to update to Firefox 3.

In May 2009, Mozilla launched final option for Firefox 2 users to migrate to Firefox 3 via a major update . As some Firefox 2 users updated to Firefox 3 , Firefox 2 users count fallen to 8% from 10%. Mozilla also provided feedback option in major update if ff2 users don’t want to upgrade their browser to FF3.


Out of 5000 readers feedback, 25%  said they are concerned about browsing history in awesome bar they don’t know how to clear it.


firefox 2 to 3 update survey

Here below are some reasons not to update to ff3 said by ff2 users.

1.Unable to clear history from Awesome bar: Ff2 users concerned about browsing history shown in awesome bar and they don’t know the option to clear it or disable it. Hence some downgraded to Firefox 2 from Firefox 3.

It is very easy to disable Firefox 3 awesome bar

read Disabling Firefox3’s "awesomebar"

2.Ff3 memory hog :Firefox 3 eats lot of resources and makes computer run very slower. FF2 users don’t want to run their computer slow despite using ff3. So they choose ff2 over ff3.

3.Add-ons compatibility: Some add-ons that worked in Ff2 may not work with ff3, so they opted to continue to use ff2.

4.UI of ff3 : UI of ff3 not good , the user interface of ff3 looks dark and unable to read.

5.Alphabetical bookmarks :Getting bookmarks sorted alphabetically is difficult in ff3.

6.Crashes more: Ff3 crashes more often even installing it after clean upgrade.

7.Settings lost: When upgraded to ff3 all bookmarks are lost.

8.Developers prefers to keep older version of Firefox  also for testing.

9.Fonts appear bigger unable to fit 2 or 3 websites in window, ff3 does not work on U3 devices. There are even printing problems with ff3 as the text comes scrambled on paper.

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