There has been a lot of discussion of outdated IE6 on the web, that all websites should stop supporting IE6. Microsoft reacted to all this on their IE blog saying that it’s up to the users responsibility to upgrade from IE6 to latest version of Internet Explorer.

A post in Microsoft IE blog confirms that its user responsibility to upgrade to latest version of Internet Explore for safer, secured browsing.

Its all started with Digg post

Digg posted a entry month back should Digg should stop supporting IE6, they are in dilemma as 17% Digg users expressed they don’t need feel an upgrade from IE6 in a survey.

Digg to block IE6

Digg soon to block IE6

Digg soon to block IE6, however users of IE6  only can view the pages of Digg. But they are not able to log into Digg and submit diggs and make comments.

Lot of People are still using IE6 as they install Windows XP SP2  for their computers. They are reluctant to upgrade from Ie6 even organizations, schools doing the same.

YouTube Soon to disable support to IE6

youtube _to_block IE6

YouTube showing confirmation message in IE6 browser they are also going to not support IE6 . YouTube advices IE6 users to upgrade to any one of IE8, Firefox 3.5 and Google Chrome browsers.

All popular websites including Twitter shows messages of  IE6 users to Upgrade to latest browser.

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