Twibbon is an easy way to promote your cause on twitterTwibbon overlays a small icon at a corner of supporter’s profile image. A tweet on behalf of that twitter user who created twibbon will be automatically sent to know to his followers.

Why to create a Twibbon?

There will be a great passion inside every Twitter user to promote a great cause, it could be to support an event for their country independence day or any significant event or to support a service or a program, anything. If your twibbon has a great cause, then automatically twitter users supports that.

There is no registration required to create a twibbon, all you need to do is login to the service with your Twitter username and password.

Need ideas for a cause? Check various causes in twibbon and make sure you are not duplicating the causes that were already exist in the Twibbon website.

2 Ways to Remove Twibbon

Creating a twibbon:

After choosing a cause, prepare a twibbon. You have to make sure

  • Profile image should appear visible so that background of twibbon must be transparent
  • Image you upload must be in PNG or GIF format
  • Be exactly of 400 x 400 pixels.

I created a twibbon with a cause “I love twitter”. I have not much image editing skills as I always rely on Snagit.

Ilover twitter twibbon twitterprofilephoto_normal

You can use a free program like or online photo editor pixlr to create twibbon. Check out this video of making twibbon with Pixlr.

Support “1 billion Firefox downloads” by adding twibbon to Your Twitter Avatar

After creating a twibbon image successfully,

1. Visit twibbon page  and click ‘Start a Campaign’

2. Sign in with Twitter username and password, and Authorize Twibbon app.

3.  In the new twibbon page, enter your email address, campaign name and type the Description.

4. Upload Twibbon image for your supporters to add to their profile picture, once you’re happy with the image,  click ‘I’m Happy, Continue’

5. Once your Twibbon was successfully created message was shown, at the bottom of page, click on ‘No thanks, just a free campaign’ to manage your Campaign.

If your followers like that, they may support you by adding your twibbon to their profile image and other twitter users, who found your twibbon through causes page may also do that.

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