Twitter and facebook are more are more popular social sites now on Internet. Twitter gets slow all of a sudden, no one knows particular reason for that. If you are wondering twitter is slow to me or to all, you can find out easily.

The reasons for the slowness of twitter could be

1. Due to high traffic .

2.Due to maintenance of twitter.

3. May be due to malicious attacks on twitter.

When twitter gets slow, twitter users can not even post one tweet and they get frustrated. It is a rare occurrence that Twitter goes slow only for a single user. If twitter is slow to you, there are most chances that Twitter is slow to all , you can confirm that by

Twitter is slow

typing  “twitter is slow” in search box of twitter, you can see lot of twitter users showing their depression in Tweets that twitter is slow.

It is psychology of human being when some thing goes wrong for him , he enquires others is it gone wrong for them too.

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