If a user buys computer, the shop owner gives warranty for the whole system for one year or more depends on they offer. The user who buys computer doesn’t enquire details of warranty period for  hard drive, processor, RAM  etc.

Because Seagate hard drive gives warranty of five years for recently manufactured hard drives, if the Hard drive fails after one year the user blindly thinks since warranty is over he thinks to buy to new one . But if he checks the warranty status of Seagate hard drive online, he will find his drive has another 4 years warranty.

To check warranty of  Seagate hard drive online

1. Just visit Seagate hard drive warranty validation page.

seagate hard drive warranty

2. Enter serial number, Model number located on Hard drive and select your country click submit to know the warranty period left for hard drive.

You can take your failed hard drive to service center of Seagate, and get replacement hard drive. Your hard drive won’t be replaced if burnt. Since these days hard drives failing very frequently, to check health condition of your hard drive you can use free Crystal Diskinfo. Take backup of your data at regular intervals whenever necessary.