While I tried to open twitter website, I am unable to open as I check is twitter down to me or all and the status message from twitter also confirms that twitter is down and it is due to denial of service attack.

A denial of service attack is making public not to access that service ,here that service is twitter .


  • I am able into logged into twitter
  • see all tweets
  • posted tweets
  • Open the bit.ly links and the read articles.

twitter page in twitxy

How I have logged onto twitter , seen all the tweets and accessed all tweets without any problems ,here Twitter is not accessible for users only, twitter is down for us its servers are targeted in such a way it’s not accessible to twitter users.So I used twitxy to successfully log onto twitter and accessed the twitter.(read more about denial of service attack )If you face downtimes of twitter in future use twitxy.

Twitter team posted a blog entry confirming that twitter is facing denial of service attack.

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