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I, did covered how to search Bing and Google simultaneously, then how about searching and comparing Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines. Google uses different algorithm to show search results so as Bing and Yahoo.

If you are interested to see how three search engines generate results for a particular query, you can try Haklus which shows the results in 3 columns by search engine names.

Haklus features:

1.Open Halkus homepage in your browser and enter the search query .

2.Click search button to see the search results  generated from Yahoo search, bing and Google.

search resutls in Haklus for bing query

3.The funny thing is it doesn’t show search engine names in first attempt, but when you click any one of thumbs up symbol it shows the search engine names.

4.Haklus is still in Beta.


Thanks to Cheth

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