Chrome in IE

Whether you promote a product through ads on TV or through online,innovation will play vital role in attracting lot of people towards your ads.If your ad campaign is success then you can observe your product gets increase in sales.

When coming to promote a product or service online , it’s always interesting to see how Google does this, as Google is the biggest internet giant.Google’s World popular no#1 search engine needs no promotion even your grandma knows about Google.

Google apps_on _billboard Image credit

Take a look at how Google approaches in promoting their recently launched new browser , Google chrome .

1.Google’s popular services are Google search engine,YouTube and Gmail mainly, now Google shows message of download new browser –Google chrome in Google’s homepage,YouTube, and Gmail in popular browsers like IE and Firefox to get increase  their browser’s market share.

2.Google takes another step and shows Google Chrome ads on TV to attract TV audience.

Recently Google tries to catch IT companies to promote Google apps which are out of beta on billboards, it’s really innovative.

If you are new businessman , you can always learn lot from Google how they successfully promote their products.Of course everyone watches Google closely because it’s always interesting to know what Google does.

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