Google search engine is reliable as it continuously monitors and updates details about websites in its if you searched for a website that is found malicious by Google ,it shows to user with warning “this site may harm your computer”.

When you click that website link, it will not take you to the website page instead Google again shows the warning that “visiting this website may harm your computer” ,user already warned by Google twice to not to visit that website as it may download malicious software into your computer.These malware sites may download malicious software onto your computer and steal sensitive information such as credit card numbers,passwords stored in your computer also.

As you open this malicious website in Firefox it will show the” reported attack site” warning  as Firefox has phishing and malware protection feature powered by Google(correct if I am wrong).When you open the same site in Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 you won’t get that warning ,not strange of course.

Firefox reported Attack site

Now as Microsoft launched their decision engine bing which added malware filter to their search doesn’t seem to filter  malware sites in their search results.

Let’s take an example to prove Google is secured than bing.

A government university website of India named Nagarjuna university has been flagged as malware site by Google ,when you search in Google for that university website ,you will see “this site may harm  your computer” warning in the search results.Now When you search for same website in Bing ,bing  neither warns user nor filters that site in their search results as it added malware filter.

comparsion of Google and Bing detecting malware sites


As I am using AVG anti-virus ,I opened the website in Internet Explorer 8 which AVG’s resident shield detected the virus in form of HTML/framer and alerted me as I moved it to the vault.This shows how Google information on that website is true and we can rely on Google.

threat detected by AVG


Google's diagnostic page

Above is Google’s safe browsing diagnostic page provided for that website.

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