Loft of folks preferring Google Chrome over IE and Firefox, because Chrome loads web pages very fastly.  Google Chrome’s new tab page has unique importance over other browsers.

When you open new tab page in Google Chrome , it loads  Most visited websites , recently saved bookmarks, recently used search engines and recently closed tabs .

website thumbnails in Chrome's new tab page

Importance of Most visited sites in a new tab page

Google Chrome shows ( maximum) 9 most visited websites with thumbnails, so that you can open any website by clicking that thumbnail. This yielded to some privacy concerns , so Google Chrome added option to remove these thumbnails.

You can remove thumbnails for specific websites by clicking on “ Remove a thumbnail “ , you can remove all websites  thumbnails by

1.Opening Google Chrome , select wrench button click “clear browsing data” , select everything  and again click “clear browsing data”.

2.All browser history will be cleared including all websites thumbnails in new tab page.

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