Keyloggers will be installed into user computer without users consent through spywares and malwares, these keyloggers record everything user types on websites which includes sensitive information like credit card numbers,online banking transactions,usernames and passwords for emails like Yahoo and Gmail.

User may not be aware of keyloggers even though he uses anti-virus and anti-spyware programs in his computer. KeyScrambler Personal is a free plug-in for web browsers which encrypts whatever user types in websites from keyboard and then decrypts them so that keyloggers can not understand.

encrypted keystrokes _keyscrambler personal

How Keyscrambler works?

When you type keystrokes these are encrypted by KeyScrambler which is inbuilt into operating system and when these keystrokes reaches browser, keyscrambler then decrypts  them so that so that keystrokes you typed are encrypted which can not be read by keyloggers.

Keyscrambler personal is a freeware

Keyscrambler personal will be installed as plug-ins for Firefox ,IE and Flock browsers ,so you are protected.

Download KeyScrambler Personal 2.5

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