We can use Google alerts to track who are mentioning our Blog URLs or linking to our blogs , but it is not that much easy for us  to track who is sharing your blog URL in twitter since Google may not caught these because of short URLs in tweets.

Also Google does not produce real time search results like Twitter and Google does not index tweets from twitter users , if may be a few.We can know who are sharing our blog URLs in their tweets with Backtweets.But you need to search in Backtweets every time you want know whether any one mentioned your blog URLS in their tweets or retweets.


Just avoid this and receive email alerts when any one shares your Blog URL in twitter, for that

1.Open Backtweets alerts page in your browser.

email alert from backtweets

2.Enter your Blog URL ,email address,set frequency as they arrive and click “add alert “.

3.Check your inbox for confirmation link , click it and confirm it to get email alerts when someone tweets or retweets your blog URLs.

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