There are lot of Free PDF printers available on the internet to convert virtually any file into PDF ,I recommend dopdf freeware .Here i2pdf is another freeware program which creates PDF file from collection of images  .

You can extract images from PDF files also read

Extract Images from PDF Documents with Some PDF Image Extract

PDF created from iimages

Features of i2pdf:

1.Download i2pdf zip file, extract the files to a folder and run i2pdf.


2.Select the image files you want to create a PDF,drag these files to i2pdf and select the images and click “Build PDF” to make a PDF file.

3.A log file will be created along with the PDF file mentioning the resizing ,compression details and shows errors if any happened during PDF build process.

4.i2pdf is a freeware.

Download i2pdf 32bit

Download i2pdf 64bit

Summary :i2pdf  is a freeware which creates PDF files from images, if you have a lot of images you want to send an email of images in PDF format this will be very useful .

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