share button added to blogger navbar

As Blogger is turning into 10 years old, they are rolling new features to blogger blogs, adding share button to navbar is one of them. Unfortunately these days lot of bloggers use hacks to remove navbar, as they are loosing readers the option to share from navbar.

share button on blogger navbar

When a reader clicks on “share” button on the homepage of the blog, your blog’s  URL will be shared on Twitter, Facebook and Google Reader. If a user reaches individual post, clicking on share button will provide the option to share post’s URL via email , Twitter , Facebook and Google Reader.

share from individual blogger posts

With each URL that gets shared has specific parameter appended(?spref=nn) at then end like

  • If xyz.blogspot shared on twitter, it will be shared on twitter like
  • For facebook
  • For Google reader

To know which blogs are shared on twitter , you can find through  twitter search.

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