Some say twitter will help promote business, blog and get latest news happening around the world  and some say twitter is totally a waste of time. Here a quick look at some of posts on twitter and twitter app covered so far in this blog.

What is twitter?

Twitter is a popular micro blogging platform allows to send  messages to your friends, relatives with a text of 140 characters which are called as tweets.

8 Reasons for Anyone to Follow You on Twitter

4 Must Have’s for A Twitter User

11 Advantages of Using Twitter

Mind blowing doubts for twitter user

Why Twitter is limited to 140 Characters Only?

How to Confirm: Is Twitter Slow to You Only Or to ALL?

2 Ways to find is Twitter down or not

Some useful posts on twitter

How to Install Tweetboard on Your Website or Blog

How to Protect Your Twitter Updates on Twitter

How to Create a Twibbon

How to Guide to Post Photos from Flickr to Twitter

Get Email Alerts When Some One Mentions Your Blog URLs in Twitter

How to add Twitter Updates to Your Blog’s sidebar

Some posts on blaming  Twitter

Twitter goes Slow, tries to Catch up With Tortoise in Speed

What is happening with Twitter? is it slowing down

Whom to blame for Twitter Outage

Twitter apps

Find Who’s not following You back on Twitter

Find Twitter Spammers With TwitChuck

Play Die Fail Whale Game

TweeSpeed :The Twitter Instant Speed Meter

Is Twitter Blocked? try Twitxy

Combine Twitter trends with Bing search with BingTweets

Twitlogo:Generate Your Own Twitter logo

Print Your Twitter:Print All Your Tweets

How to Know When Did You Joined Twitter

TweetBlocker:Block Spammers in Your Twitter Stream

Quitter :Tweet From a DOS Window

Qwitter: Get Email Alerts When Someone Stops Following You On Twitter

Yahoo’s Social Mojo Tells What Type of Twitter User You are?

Twitter Grader : What’s Your Twitter Grade : Tracks Your Tweeps on Twitter Check Your Twitter Background in Various Resolutions


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