Twitter is widely used by all kinds of generations from kids to grandma for that matter. All kinds of people use twitter these days, there should  be 4 features that must be full filled by any twitter user.

Must have’s for a twitter user ..

1. A brief Bio : A brief bio about you in short description with in a limit of 160 characters which helps twitter users to know about you and your company or blog .

twitter_user _bio

2.Tweets: Whether you are active in twitter or not doesn’t matter, but you should update your twitter profile with some updates called as tweets which always helps in bringing some followers. If you are not posted any tweets you will get followers for the sake following them and soon some bots will also follow you.

twitter follower followed by bots

follower fethish

Images credit :Life’s a  comic strip

3.Avatar: You should upload your photo or a logo for your twitter profile to create identity for that matter to recognize online whenever your username mentioned on twitter. Just using default image may not help your presence in twitter. (Having said that I am using the default image for my twitter profile, hope will be changed soon).

4. You should behave like human:This is very important just behaving like machines and bots by sending auto DMs and tweets, twitter may treat you like spammer and which results in suspending your account. There will  be artificiality with these auto DMs and followers may not like these auto DMs at all. There should be healthy conversations between twitter users .

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