As I already covered few tips and tricks on CCleaner I know, here are some other useful tips for you if you are using it. If you don’t know what is CCleaner, it is a free utility from Piriform that erases all your browser history, unnecessary files and makes your computer to run smoother and faster.

If you are using the old version, download the new version to not miss it’s advanced features which will be very useful for all PC users.

Tip#1.Delete System restore points 

Whenever you install or uninstall a software from your computer, a system restore point will be created automatically at that time, using those restore points, we can able to undo all the changes the software has made and take our computer to the earlier state.

With CCleaner, you can remove all the system restore points or selected ones which you’ve found unnecessary. There is an advantage of doing this: it will save a lot of hard drive space.

To remove system restore points

  • Open CCleaner > Tools > System Restore, select any of the restore points listed or all system restore points listed there and click “remove “ to delete all.

remove system restore points_ccleaner


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Tip#2.Know details of files deleted by CCleaner

CCleaner does clears all the browser cache, if you want to know which files it has deleted, you can see them right after running it .

details files downloaded by CCleaner

Tip#3.Disable or remove startup entries

You can customize the startup entries: you can remove or disable them which avoids the use of Msconfig, you can find this option in the Tools section.

disable or delete startup entries


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