Twitter getting popular day by day, there are lot advantages of twitter. Lot of companies promoting their products through twitter and very successful in doing that. It gives opportunity to engage with their customers through twitter by providing updates.

Advantages of Twitter ..

1.Know the Breaking news first though twitter , whether it is terrorist attacks on Mumbai or Michael Jackson’s passage. News breaks in twitter only.

2.Promote Your Blog through twitter by posting updates .

3.Get lot of followers for being active in twitter and drive huge traffic to your blog.

4.Create an online identity for your brand through twitter.

5.Earn money using sponsored tweets in Twitter.

6.Know the personal life of famous bloggers by following them.

7.Suggest tips to techmeme , other bloggers and gets famous for that online.

8.Know Your competitor secrets by following them on twitter.

9.If you are businessman send tweet to your boss, that you are not going to attend meeting in office.

10.Keeps you engage with your customers on twitter through updates.

11.If you are a blogger, post status messages on twitter you are not going to blog since shifting to new office.

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