These days all users are addicted to internet, and they can’t spend a minute offline. Suppose a user’s internet connection has outage due to some technical issue or due to server break down or something. How a user faces that situation and he wants his internet connection back as quickly as he can.

In the mean time what the user can do ..

1.Just open add\remove programs and remove unnecessary programs that are no longer required. Removing unnecessary programs frees system memory and increases performance .

2.Run CCleaner and remove temporary stuff, browsing history which optimizes computer’s performance.

3.Back up the data residing in My Documents and on the desktop to removable media .

4.Run total scan of computer with anti-virus installed in his computer.

5.Run a Scan on USB drives and make sure it is virus free.

6.Organize his hard drive by deleting empty folders with Fast Empty Folder finder and categorize the hard drives .

7.Defragment his hard drive.

8.Use Msconfig to disable unnecessary items on startup.

9.Backup browsers bookmarks or favorites to a separate folder.

10.Use Desktop cleanup wizard to remove unused icons on the desktop.

By the time he gets back internet connection , the tweaks he done to PC will be very helpful for him in future.

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