Firefox 3.5 has a new feature called Location–Aware Browsing.As we can trust Firefox it will ask your permission to share your location when you visit location aware websites,if you share your location some  information will be shared with that site.

Example of Location Aware Browsing and how it works

So when you open Location aware website in Firefox it asks you to share your location information if you permit then Firefox will send the following information to Google Location services .

  • Your Computer IP address information.
  • information about near by wireless access points.
  • a Random client identifier that is assigned  by Google which will expire in every 2 weeks .

Then Google Location Services returns your estimated geo location to Firefox which Firefox shares this info with that Website.

Read Firefox privacy policy and Google location Privacy Policy for  more info what information they collect.

This information is exchanged over encrypted connection to protect your privacy.

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