Now lot of programs are developed in such a way that to run those programs you must have .net framework installed in your computer.That’s how crucial .net framework now a days.

There also cases of problems occur when you try to uninstall .net framework to install new version of it or to repair it..Net framework cleanup tool has been designed for those problems in such a way that it automatically removes versions of .net framework from your computer step by step.

.Net Cleanup Tool performs the following things

  • It removes files,directories ,registry keys ,registry values,and windows installer product registration information for .net framework
  • It will help you to the errors faced while installing,repair,patching and uninstalling .net framework.

Cautions with .net framework cleanup tool

You should only use this tool when you are unable to uninstall .net framework from add\remove programs.

If you run this tool, you have to repair or reinstall all .net framework versions installed in your computer as it deletes shared files and registry keys used by other versions of .net framework.

.Net  framework cleanup tool removes .net framework 1.0/1.1./2.0/3.0/3.5 versions.

It’s a freeware as you free to use.

You can download .net framework cleanup tool from any  one of the below links

Link 1:Download .net framework cleanup tool

Link 2:Download .net framework cleanup tool

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