Twitter is popular micro blogging service ,it gone so much popular no surprise that twitter gets blocked in your office or in your country as China now blocked Twitter website access to their.Wondering how to tweet in twitter trying proxy sites to get access to Twitter you can try Twitxy.

As Gmail,YouTube gets blocked in offices soon you will not going to access Twitter in your office.Then you can try Twitxy which is still in beta.

Features of Twitxy:

1.Twitxy lets you access behind firewalls and in restricted countries.

2.Twitxy uses funneling technology.

3.Any restrictions placed in your country to access Twitter will be freed.

4.Just open in your browser click Go  and Twitter  website will be opened through twitxy.


5.Here you can have options to disable Cookies,scripts ,ads (which give revenue to Twitxy).

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