The Total Solar Eclipse happened today morning which you only can see after 105 years that’s once in life time you may able to see total solar eclipse happening event.This solar eclipse happened in India and China no information about it in other parts of the world.

The solar eclipse lasted about 3 min in India and 5 min in china.People in Varanasi are lucky as they are able to see full solar eclipse clearly.

As Moon covers sun a diamond ring was formed which was beautiful to see and day turned into night with dark all over.This is something you may not see, this is a wonder since total solar eclipse happen rarely next total solar eclipse will be after 105 years nobody from present generation will live till so long to watch that.

As lot of people are stick television to watch media showing closely the event of Total solar eclipse.Due to monsoon season in India lot people are unable to see solar eclipse and disappointed as sky is cloudy.Lot viewed eclipse through  binoculars as direct viewing to sun cause damage to the eyes from rays emitted from the sun during eclipse.

Rumors gone high

There are lot of rumors spread in India

  • As pregnant women should not see this
  • Tsunamis and earth quakes may happen .
  • birds and animals behave strangely as they thought it is night and returned to their homes.

Total solar eclipse started in India and though China and ends in Pacific sea.All temples in India were closed due to eclipse which happen normally in parts of India.

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