If you are using Gmail,you might be using Google talk to chat with your friends .You are  logged in Google talk and chatting with your friends till then and you have to stay away from desk for a few minutes or  busy due to other reasons.

You don’t want to sign out of Google talk since you will be back after few minutes as your friends also active.

Gtalk Autoreply helps you set Google talk to send auto reply message to your friends,when they try to chat with you a customized message appears “you are not at desk or busy will be back after some time”.So that he will wait for you.Of course you can also set your customized status message in Google talk.

 gtalk auto reply message

Configuring and installing Gtalk autoreply

1.Just download Gtalk Autoreply.

2.Run it,enter your Google talk username and password ,type the message you want to send as auto reply .

3.Click “Save and Enable Autoreply”.

Gtalk auto reply

4.From now on when you want to send auto reply to friends in Google talk just run Gtalk Autoreply .You will also see Gtalk Autoreply enabled icon in system tray.

5.The advantage with this, if you have to stay away from Google talk when chatting with multiple users, this will be very useful as you don’t need to tell to all active members that you will be back after some time.

6.Gtalk Autoreply requires .net framework to be installed in your computer to work.

download Gtalk Autoreply

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