Not all the reality shows gets become sensational ,only some will get hype and attention of media and public.Sach Ka Samna means facing the truth, a reality show conducted by Indian channel Star Plus comes under that category.

Now entertainment channels are not getting that much attention from people as they bored with daily serials and they want something new .Entertainment channels are always searching for some thing new and controversial show to increase their ratings.

Lot of Indian channels now showing reality shows of which star plus’s Sach Ka Samna got controversial.

Sach Ka Samna Show details

Show concentrates on asking questions on personal life of contestant ,contestant has to answer Yes or No.Before the show ,contestant undergoes polygraph test with 50 questions.From those 50 questions 20 of questions were picked and asked.Rajeev khandelwal who acted on various serials in TV channels anchors the show.

When contestant tells the answer to the question, polygraph machine tells whether contestant is saying truth or he is lying.If the polygraph machine says contestant is  lying, all the amount win till then will be lost.So one lie, the contestant will be out of the show.This shows contestant winner wins 1 Crore.



The questions will be too much personal.Sach Ka Samna show is acclaimed from International show called” Moment of Truth”.This show will be telecasted on Star Plus from Monday to Friday from 10.30 pm, it’s an half-hour show.

Controversial questions and debatable show

The show got so much controversial ,let’s look at single question face by woman who were witnessed by her husband,and family members.

Question:Have you slept with other person other than your Husband


What polygraph machine says she is lying,her husband has been embarrassed with this ,what happens to their family life after this show, any one can easily guess.This Controversial show has been discussed in Rajya Sabah of India to ban the show.Indian government issued a notice to the star plus TV channel that they braked some regulations in the show.Star Plus has to answer to this notice by 29 of this month.