When you selling your Computer along with Hard drive ,USB drive to others just by formatting thinking that your sensitive information in hard drive and USB drive is erased.No it’s not, your sensitive data still be recoverable with lot of recoverable software found on internet.

You should do zero filling for your hard drive, that is to replace all bytes in hard drive with null character so that no data can be recoverable from your hard drive.for more details read

 What is Zero Filling of a Hard drive?

There are lot of tools available to make data unrecoverable from hard drives and pen drives ,one of them is Eraser.

Features of Eraser:

1.It works with Windows XP/Vista/server 2003/server 2008.,

2.It works with storage devices like hard drives,pen drives,IPods etc.

3.It’s a freeware also.

4.It has a simple user interface user is easy to understand and use it.

5.Erases all files and folder so that data will not be recoverable at all.

download Eraser

download eraser portable

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