In Google Chrome there will be address bar combined with search box which is called as Omnibox.Similar to Firefox’s awesomebar ,omnibox also shows the websites URLs you visit often when you type some characters which are called as  search suggestions.

Google Chrome blog posted a tip today on omnibox with which we can do quick search in websites right from omnibox in Google Chrome.

Open the Chrome browser, let us say you visit YouTube quite often which will be shown in omnibox search suggestions as you type ‘y’.


youtube url in omnibox

Now if you press tab, it will open search for YouTube where you can search for anything from here for example type” funny videos” and press enter will result in Chrome opening YouTube website with funny videos page.

search in youtube

funny videos  page in youtube

This will save lot of time as we are searching from omnibox itself rather than from website we want to search.

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