We have so many search engines available for web search only few are stating their authority like Google,Microsoft’s Bing,Yahoo,and web2.0 search engine optimized for superior end user experience ,rich-media display  and Social network integration.

Nexplore search engine features:

1.Navigation in Nexplore:Rich interface ,when you search for a query it shows the results which you can view each result’s preview,you have the options of pop search and wiki-search on the left side,saving and trashing icons on the search pages and results .

2.Search all from home page:You can search for Web ,news,videos,images,blogs and podcasts right from the Nexplore homepage .


3.Preview of videos:As I mentioned you can view the preview of videos in Nexplore search results as you can see the web pages preview.

preview of videos_in_nexplore_search _page

4.Social sharing:You can bookmark share these results on social network websites through share button provide by add this.

5.Cloud-computing Technology:Nexplore uses cloud-computing technologies to grow according to your needs ,and to give faster search results.

6.It is still in beta,so the final Nexplore search engine may be different from beta version.


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