Inprivate browsing in ie8

Browser wars are going on ,despite Google Chrome‘s  performance Mozilla launches speedier Firefox 3.5 ,Microsoft Launches a campaign for IE8 with a Vomit ad which was not liked by all hence it’s been removed by Microsoft from YouTube.

Microsoft launches this  vomit ad to describe the InPrivate Browsing importance when a person’s wife borrows his laptop  and vomits after she sees offensive sites being shown .This ad is named as OMGIGP Internet explorer 8 Puke vomit ad where OMGIGP stands for “oh my God I’m gonna  Puke”.

OMGIGP Internet Explorer 8 Puke Vomit Girl ad

The ads it self is not good ,it’s a surprise that biggest software giant Microsoft Promote this ad ,since it’s not liked by all, Microsoft pulls out the ad from it’s YouTube videos channel though the ad is still available in YouTube to watch.This ads purpose is not served to emphasize the importance of Inprivate Browsing feature in IE 8 despite the ad is full of  vomits pukes.Better luck next time Microsoft.

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