The biggest software giant Microsoft is competing with the internet search engine giant Google,everyone knows about it.But Microsoft planning moves very cleverly against Google which is a well planned step by steps strategy .

Microsoft launched it’s decision engine bing just two moths back which is now the 20th most visited website in world according to Alexa.As bing seems to give some tough fight to Google as no one expected.

Now Microsoft join hands with Yahoo as they power search to Yahoo and yahoo will look after ads sales for both Microsoft and yahoo search engines.That’s a10 year deal that’s huge deal as Microsoft keen to grab some share form Google which has now 65% ,the Microsoft+yahoo deal makes their search engine share 30%.

You can more about deal at Microsoft Yahoo change search landscape.

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Read what yahoo says about the deal

Microsoft soon to launch  office apps on cloud based for their consumers which can be considered to be as the move against Google Docs from Google .Microsoft invites partners to join that will improve their product sales as well as give some tough competition to Google in all aspects.

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