Some Twitter users PCs infected with Koobface worm as twitter posted in their status.Meanwhile when infected PCs users logged into twitter it sends bogus tweets to twitter.Twitter team is suspending these twitter accounts and also sending suspension confirmation through email and removal instructions for koobface worm.

koobface is a anagram of facebook that is it rearranges words in facebook forms as a new word which is koobface.Koobface majorly attacks popular social networking sites like facebook,MySpace and Twitter

Trend micro blog posted entry on koobface effect on twitter, koobface uses infected PC to post bogus tweets when they logged into twitter using cookies in their browsers.As Koobface binary runs in the background it posts a tweet like 

koobface bogus tweets

Watch my  new private video LOL ! with a tiny URL link when any one clicks on that URL leads to the koobface redirector page which opens fake YouTube page that misleads to install adobe flash player update as a setup file.

fake youtube page images credit:trendmicro blog

So be aware and careful of Koobface worm.happy tweeting.

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