ActiveX technologies is introduced by Microsoft for their browser Internet explorer,these ActiveX Controls are turned out to be big loop hole for hackers to exploit and viruses,spywares do install in your computer along with ActiveX controls when you visit certain suspicious websites.

Microsoft does release security updates for vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer ,recently they released security update for vulnerability in Microsoft Video ActiveX control as this vulnerability is rated as critical by Microsoft.That’s how dangerous bad ActiveX controls can be.

AxBan is a simple tool designed to block or kill bit ActiveX controls that are known to be bad and dangerous.

1.Just run Axban  and continue to proceed as it gives warning registry information will be changed.


2.You will see bad ActiveX controls marked with red color in ActiveX page,just click “killbit all “button, they will be deleted.

3.In  Windows Vista, you have to right click and select Run as administrator to change ActiveX settings.

4.It’s a freeware also.

download axBan

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