Google in Twitter

Twitter is popular micro blogging service can give tough competition to Google as Google lacks real time search.Yes that’s true breaking news can be known first through twitter,like whether it is in the case of Michael Jackson’s passage or with terrorist attacks on Mumbai in India.

Not long ago Google revealed all their twitter accounts, asks to follow their updates on twitter.This move from Google has a reason, now a days no one checks their official blog announcements straightly, but through twitter majorly.That’s how the impact of twitter on Google ,it is good that official Google blogs also give updates though twitter.

Follow google adsense on twitter

Generally Google adsense shows message of tips and notices like site maintenance and optimizing tips on your adsense earnings reports.Today it showed a tip to follow Google adsense team on twitter  for updates ,which is not strange but I never seen Google asking to follow them on another service, after all one could have to accept not only you and me following Twitter, Google is also following twitter.

You can follow Google adsense team on twitter at Google Adsense,What’s interesting is can Google going to show these twitter follow messages on their other  popular services like YouTube ,Gmail .That is not a surprise if Google does that also.

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