It  can be expected Google is introducing new Google Chrome OS rival to Microsoft Windows ,this may not be the operating system with complete  applications but this Google chrome OS is an extension to Google chrome.

Google Chrome OS will first run on net books which are very convenient , portable  and comfortable for checking email and chatting.

Features of Google Chrome OS

1.Google Chrome OS is free open source operating system.

2.Google Chrome OS running on netbooks will be available by second half of 2010.

3.Google Chrome OS will be fast ,light weighted and will start quickly so that you browse very fastly.

4.Google Chrome OS is more of web based operating system to satisfy your needs of searching ,checking email, and browsing websites .

5.All web applications will work in Google chrome OS.

6.Google Chrome OS will be simple and secured.

7.Google Chrome OS will run on both X86 and ARM chips.

Google Chrome OS will be simple, light weight, fast and secured will be released with netbooks next year ,it will make your your web experience better completely different to windows fastly boots up and you can browse the web.No configuring of hard ware devices for Google chrome Os neither need to install updates.

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